World Cup 2018 Rewards Point Malaysia Sportsbook

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Online sports betting is one of the best and most play types of online gambling games. Since football or soccer game is the most popular sports game with over millions of fans all throughout the world, in the online sportsbook, this game has the most online bettors among other sports games. If you are one of the online bettors of a soccer game, there is an online sportsbook site called QQ801 Malaysia sportsbook that offers a huge amount of rewards point promotion based on the major tournament in soccer sports game called 2018 FIFA World Cup. In this post, all things about the World Cup 2018 Rewards Point Malaysia Sportsbook promo will be discussed.

World Cup 2018 Rewards Point Malaysia Sportsbook

World Cup 2018 Rewards Point Malaysia Sportsbook

World Cup 2018 Rewards Point Malaysia Sportsbook

What is 2018 FIFA World Cup?

2018 FIFA World Cup is one of the major tournament in the soccer sports game. It is contested by different chosen countries with its national teams. 2018 FIFA World up will be held on June 14, 2018 in Russia. This will be the first major World Cup held in the European continent since the tournament in Germany in 2006.

Event World Cup Rewards Point

QQ801 is known not just only for its sports betting products, but also for its promotional offers that are so beneficial to the bettors. One of the most exciting promotional offers of the best online betting website in Malaysia is the Event World Cup Rewards Point promo. In this promo, over MYR 11,300 rewards will be given to some random registered members that are using MYR currency. Half of this promotion will be divided into 3 lucky members and the remaining half will be given 400 lucky winners.

First 3 lucky winners

Reward Point Lucky Draw

As I mentioned earlier, half of the given rewards will be divided and will be given to three lucky members of QQ801 Malaysia sportsbook site. The 3rd lucky winner will get over MYR 1,100, MYR 1,700 for the 2nd lucky winner, and the 1st lucky winner will receive over MYR 2,800.

400 lucky winners

You don’t have to worry if you didn’t get any of those huge rewards above because the remaining half of Event World Cup Rewards Point promo will be given to 400 lucky members with MYR currency. Each and every single one of those 400 members will receive over MYR 14.

Before you avail this exciting promotion, it is better if you read the terms and conditions provided by QQ801 Malaysia sportsbook site. It is not enough if you are just using MYR currency. Just read and understand every single terms and condition for you to avoid mistakes and to fully enjoy this promotion.


If you are looking for a website that can give you so much fun and excitement and can give you all the benefits you want while playing, QQ801 Malaysia sportsbook site is the best and perfect one for you. All of your needs as an online bettor will be catered once you join this top online sports betting website that offers generous promotional offers just like the World Cup 2018 Rewards Point Malaysia Sportsbook promotion. Good luck and have a great and awesome online soccer betting journey!