Play PG Soft Online Slot Games and Get Double QQPoint

Posted on / Gary Campbell

Are you familiar with QQ808ms? It is an online gambling site that focuses on Malaysian online gamblers. Moreover, this website became the most popular Malaysia casino site because of the promos that it provides to all of its players. As a matter of fact, QQ808ms Malaysia mobile gambling online website gained thousands of registered players because of those very same promos. Furthermore, one of its newest promos is the PG Soft Double QQPoint Promo. To avail this promo, you have to play PG Soft online slot games and get double QQPoint. Do you want to know everything about this exciting promo? If so, just keep on reading this one.

Play PG Soft Online Slot Games and Get Double QQPoint

What is PG Soft Double QQPoint?

As I’ve said earlier, PG Soft Double QQPoint is one of the newest promos of QQ808ms mobile gambling Malaysia online site. Furthermore, PG Soft or Pocket Games Soft is a game provider that is in partnership with this Malaysia online gambling site. In addition, PG Soft provides online slot gambling products. Since this promo is called “PG Soft Double QQPoint”, it means that in order for you to get 2 QQPoints, you have to play the products of PG Soft. In other words, every time you play any of the slot online games of PG Soft, you will get 2 QQPoints instead of only one.

Advantages of getting 2 QQPoints

Having 2 QQPoints have advantages for the players. Firstly, your chance of getting a huge amount of prizes will surely increase compared to having only one QQPoint. In other words, if you have 2 QQPoints, your chance of winning in every draw is much higher. Furthermore, PG Soft Double QQPoint is only an exclusive promo from July 1 to September 30, 2019. So, it only means that you have a big winning chances within those months for having double QQPoints. If you want to have 2 QQPoints instead of only one, therefore, you better play the games of PG Soft now.


PG Soft Double QQPoint is one of the most exciting promos of QQ808ms gambling Malaysia online website. With this promo, your chance of earning lots of money while having fun will surely be boosted. So, do not think twice and play PG Soft online slot games and get double QQPoint! If you are not yet a member, you better visit the QQ808ms Malaysia online gambling site and create your account first.