Online Betting Machine Slot – Must Avoid Things

Posted on / Gary Campbell

Online slots are easy to play and access. You literally can multitask with anything else throughout the day while playing slot. However, due to its lax aura, people tend to overlook some factors that can bring great disadvantages. Go and check our list of online betting machine slot – must avoid things below.

Online Betting Machine Slot – Must Avoid Things

  • Anything on Bad Casinos

Let’s be honest – unreliable casinos never do any good to anyone. Without exceptional luck, winning decently in these casinos is impossible to achieve. Therefore, avoiding casinos with bad reputations is the first step. Since they are obviously left out, ticking them out will help the examination process to be easier. Check out casino blacklists for a fast shortcut.

Online Betting Machine Slot - Must Avoid Things

Online Betting Machine Slot – Must Avoid Things

  • Low Return To Player Rate (RTP)

Next up, check out the Return To Player rate. Return To Player (RTP for short) rate is the percentage of chances for money to be returned back to bettors. If there’s no mention of it in the game description, consider it out. Usually, games that have good RTP rate mention theirs as 96% or upwards. If the game doesn’t mention it, then their RTP rate must be lower – and there’s no clue to decide how low they may be. In case the site doesn’t mention any description, check online betting reviewers as they tend to give better information.

  • High Minimum Bet

Here’s the logic; slots with small minimum bet have ample chance of winning and vice versa. While the payouts are higher, slots with high minimum bet are not that generous to give out wins at all. In other words, you can expect them to be paying good, but whether they actually pay or not is incomprehensible. If you’re looking for safer wins, search for slots with a low minimum bet. As long they are not unusually high, any slot game should be safe.

  • Video Slots

They look catchy, and that’s why people gather to them. But take caution – their pristine designs are actually sweet traps. They need a good internet connection to load, and the animations take time to play. Therefore, the gameplay is much slower than normal slots and profits less to the casino. To counter this, they put up high house advantages. No matter how much you win, a good bit of your profit will be trimmed. If you’re looking for good profit, skip video slots.

  • Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slots are notorious for their ‘fight or flight’ gameplay. While the growing jackpots give a good share of an adrenaline rush, they suck your wallet harder than other games. Most of the time they are hard to win, and once you play them it becomes hard to stop yourself. Furthermore, if you lose, all your efforts are lost. Don’t play progressives unless you want to waste money.

Now you know online betting machine slot – must avoid things. However, the real trouble is prying on every single slot games to get the right one. If you don’t want the hassle or any spare time to do so, try playing on for guaranteed service and quality.