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Key To Success in Dragon Tiger Betting Game

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Dragon Tiger is one of the casino games which is popular among Asian bettors. If you are a fan of a land-based casino, you do not know what dragon tiger is. The reason is that land based-casinos which are operated in Europe and America do not offer this game. So, read the key to success in Dragon Tiger betting game and get the prizes.

Key To Success in Dragon Tiger Betting Game

Understanding key to success in Dragon Tiger betting game will lead you to win

Understanding key to success in Dragon Tiger betting game will lead you to win

Understand How to Bet

Dragon Tiger is a casino game from Asia especially Cambodia. This game gains its popularity among South East Asian gamblers. All online casino sites in South East Asia offer this game. But, in a few past decades, a famous game provider like Playtech, released their product on live dealer Dragon Tiger. It indicates that this game seizes bettors heart across the world.

Dragon tiger is a card table casino game. This game is completed in three ways: placing a bet on Tiger, Dragon and the tie. The winner in this game is those who have highest cards on the table. Furthermore, there are two important rules in this game. First is that aces are the lowest card and second is that the Tie is the winner if both Dragon and Tiger have same equal value card.

Play in Casino With Low House Edge

Novice bettors do not know what house edge is. House edge is a percentage of profit that online casino gets from bettors. In simple word, the house edge is the main source of profits. Of course, the number of house edge is different from one casino to another casino. They have a different calculation to decide the specific number of the house edge.

It is impossible to play Dragon Tiger from casino site without house edge. It seems that there is no safe route from house edge. Fortunately, there is one option to handle the house edge. Try to find an online casino site with a low house edge. Even though this option needs much time, this is the most efficient way to reduce your loss from house edge. You can get the information from the Internet. There are many sites which give reliable information about the house edge. So, invest your time and find the casino with the low house edge.

Tiger and Dragon Are Good Options, Tie is the Worst

Since this game has three options to place a bet, Dragon, Tiger, and Tie, the best option is placing a bet on Dragon and Tiger. One of the reasons is that both Dragon and Tiger have similar chance to win the game. Moreover, both of them regard as the lowest house edge possed in this game. Dragon and Tiger have 3.07 to 3.17 percent.

How about the Tie? Tie regards as the worst wager in this game. The main reason is that this bet only offers a small winning chance. The Tie regard as the winner only if both Dragon and Tiger have similar value cards. The tie has a small chance, hasn’t it?

Understanding key to success in Dragon Tiger betting game will lead you to win. To have a great Dragon Tiger betting experience, you better join the top Malaysia casino online free website to increase your winning percentage. So do not waste your time and chance in this game.

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