Highest Jackpot a Progressive Slot Can Have

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Slot games become more and more popular among casino players. There are some types of slots that can be chosen, one of them is progressive slot which is said to be the life changing game. However, before playing it, you need to know the highest jackpot a progressive slot can have.

Highest Jackpot a Progressive Slot Can Have

Before going to the highest jackpot of the progressive slot, you need to know why this kind of slot game is said to be the life-changing game, and why is that so? Basically, you place a maximum bet in this progressive slot and you will have chance to win a million dollars out of it.

Highest Jackpot a Progressive Slot Can Have

Highest Jackpot a Progressive Slot Can Have

On the other hand, you are not suggested to play this progressive slot if you do not intend to place a maximum bet since you will be likely to win a small amount of money or win nothing at all. Then, there are numerous progressive slot games that you can choose but only one of them has the highest jackpot that you can win.

Basically, both land-based progressive slot and online progressive slot are the same. You just need to place your bet and spin the reels and you will know whether you win the game or not. Moreover, the bonus round can also be triggered in this progressive slot by making some symbols combinations.


The highest jackpot that a progressive slot can have is on the slot game called Megabucks. In this game, you just need to bet on one or two bucks and you will win a huge amount of money. The highest jackpot of this progressive slot is $39,710,826.36. Moreover, Megabucks also have the biggest chance of winning since there are a lot of slot players win this game.

Mega Moolah

In Mega Moolah, you will be given a random bonus round without making certain symbol combinations. Moreover, you can get the minimal amount of $1 million if you play this game.


The next progressive slot game is Gladiator which also has the highest jackpot. If you are interested in playing this game, you will have chance to win a minimal amount of £500,000.

Hall of Gods

The next progressive slot game is Hall of Gods which the highest jackpot that is recorded is more than £7.6 million.

Wheel of Fortune

The last progressive slot game is Wheel of Fortune with the highest jackpot for $2 million.

Those games can be found in onlineslotqq101.com, the most trusted online casino in Asia, and you will also be presented with other progressive slots that have large jackpots. Moreover, there are various online slot game providers that are trusted by many online sites and you are free to choose which game you want to bet on.

After knowing the highest jackpot a progressive slot can have, firstly you need to consider whether you can afford betting a huge amount of money or not. Then, you need to consider which progressive slot game you want to play and which progressive slot game is the best for you.