Different Kinds of Casino Games Offered By GP Casino

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Some bettors share that the different kinds of casino games offered by GP casino are included in the most satisfying list. It particularly applies to those who love the old games and often play in the real casino. In the other words, the games provided are the mostly hosted by a live dealer.

Different Kinds of Casino Games Offered By GP Casino

Different Kinds of Casino Games Offered By GP Casino

Different Kinds of Casino Games Offered By GP Casino

Baccarat Super 98

This is considered as the upgraded version of baccarat game. Right after the gamblers have placed the bet on the table, one dice will be shuffled and thrown to each side. If any of the dice show eight or nine eyes, then the side is considered as “super hand”. Any bettors who bet on the super hand side will get extra benefits.

Unfortunately, the bonus cannot be applied immediately. It has to meet the other conditions such as the number of the cards on certain sides. Only when all the requirements are fulfilled, the players could claim the extra bonus from the game.

Black Jack

There are some certain rules in playing online blackjack. In this game, the players should aim for total 21 value. The dealer in blackjack game has the less determining position. He or she will announce the general rule of blackjack, shuffle the cards, tell which side has higher value and announce the winner. Each player has an equal chance to be the winner.

In total, there are five persons on the table, including the dealer. After the dealer puts the cards in front of the bettors, they have the chance to add more cards or skip the chance. In the end, the card value should be as close as possible to 21.


If the gamblers are looking for profits, the most suitable option from GP casino is multi-table games. In this game, there are three different items that could be played at the same time. They are roulette, super sic bo, and baccarat. The players can start from one game first, and join the others after placing the bet on the first one.

The players need to master the rule of the game. While playing online, it is also important to maintain great focus. If the gamblers cannot focus, they will have bigger chance to lose the game. Why? Because they bet on the losing side.

Super Color Sic Bo

The super color sic bo is another probability game by GP casino. It uses three dices with twelve sides. The dealer will shake the dice inside a cup and the players’ job is to guess the number shown in each dice. The closer the number to the value, the bigger the winning prize is.

Normally, there are two kinds of bet: the usual one and the special one. The first one is about betting whether the dice will be odd or even and big or small. There are two types of special betting: shio and color boxes.

The online games are mostly made based on the betting games found in a land-based casino. In order to bring the vibe of the real casino, the best thing online provider could do is having the live dealers. With this feature, the gamblers could enjoy different kinds of casino games offered by GP casino longer.