Difference between Baccarat Super 98 and Traditional Baccarat

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How many types of Baccarat have you played? Have you ever played Baccarat using a dice? If you think you have, you may have tried Baccarat Super 98. It is Baccarat variant that uses 12-sided dice. So, what is the difference between Baccarat Super 98 and Traditional Baccarat? Make sure you finish reading this article!

Difference between Baccarat Super 98 and Traditional Baccarat

The System of the Game

Super 98 is one of the most exciting games in online casino. This Baccarat variant comes with ‘Super’ in its name, meaning that there is an unusual element in this Baccarat version. What is that element anyway? As mentioned above, it is the 12-sided dice that makes this Baccarat variant extraordinary and super. The dice are usually rolled before the game started. If the dice shows either 9 or 8, you and the other players are going to play a super game. If it doesn’t, the game will be just the usual one.

Difference between Baccarat Super 98 and Traditional Baccarat

Difference between Baccarat Super 98 and Traditional Baccarat

Another element of this game that makes it different from the traditional Baccarat is the payout. As the name of the game is super, the payout is super too, meaning that the payout is bigger than the traditional version. To give you an example, let’s say a player wins natural 0 or 8 in a usual game. He will get the payment of 8:1, whereas, in the super game, the payment will be 9:1.

The presence of the dice really makes this Baccarat variant more interesting and unique. So, what does it need to be 9 or 8 among all the 12 numbers on the dice sides? Number 8 and 9 are the special numbers in this Baccarat Super 98 because they are considered the highest number.

The Profit System of the Game

This is another difference between Baccarat Super 98 and the traditional one: the profit system. The dice is what makes Baccarat Super 98 profitable. In the traditional Baccarat, there is no dice used to turn the game into the super game. So, everything is just usual. Everything is only Baccarat.

In this Baccarat Super 98, there is a super game whose payment is bigger. Based on some rules, the payment of Baccarat Super 98 is made one time bigger than the traditional Baccarat. The winner of the super game is the one with the super hand. The super hand is either Player or Banker who has either 8 or 9.

In addition to the super game, Baccarat Super 98 also has Super 6+. It is a special bet used in a super game. Super 6+ is not the main bet although you are always able to place the bet in the game. However, you need to be aware that placing this bet means risking your money on a tie. Although the risk is higher on Super 6+ bet, the winning chance is also bigger. Yet, your winning chance depends on the number of 6 cards that appear on the table. If there are two 6 cards on the table, the payment that you will get is 12:1. Meanwhile, if there are three 6 cards on the table, your payment is 18:1.

Baccarat Super 98 is really super. It is super unique with the dice addition to the game and with super chance to win it. However, to get the best of the game, you need to make sure you already know the difference between Baccarat Super 98 and Traditional Baccarat in mind before playing.