Best Online Gambling Bonuses with Exciting Features

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Playing in online casinos is so convenient and fun. However, the true delight depends on how great the sites are. In case you find yourself feeling unsatisfied with the online casinos you have tried, don’t fret. Here we have listed two best online gambling bonuses with exciting features below.

Best Online Gambling Bonuses with Exciting Features

  • QQ188Asia

This site focuses specifically on a sportsbook. So, for sports nerds out there, this is the site to go for sports betting. There are several features that support the gambling process:

  • Live Streaming

This site offers live streaming service for all sports that can be bet on the site. So, the whole match can be monitored through the apps instead of looking for live stream on TV or other platform instead.

Best Online Gambling Bonuses with Exciting Features

Best Online Gambling Bonuses with Exciting Features

  • Live Scores

For those that don’t have a good internet connection, QQ188Asia also offer live score table. This feature updates along with the match so they are accurate.

  • Live Odds

There are also live odds table. This site updates their odds each turn of events of the game, making this feature most trustworthy and reliable.

Also, QQ188Asia offers bonuses especially for sports betting, such as:

  • Extra Bonus 200%

There are two kinds of this bonus. One with maximum bonus 350 MYR and 17 target turnovers, while the other come with 700 MYR maximum bonus and 20 target turnovers. Both works on sportsbook providers. After reaching the target turnover within the agreed deadline, players will get their deposit and bonus multiplied by the target turnover.

  • Extra Bonus 150%

This bonus has 350 MYR as their maximum bonus and 15 target turnover. Same with the first bonus, this promo will multiply initial deposit and bonus to the target after meeting the turnover quota.

  • OnlineslotQQ288

Like, QQ188Asia, this site also has one focus which is slot games. Here are their features:

  • Apps

This site offers apps for Android, iOS, and Windows PC. All of their apps can be downloaded from this site.

  • Play on Site

Wanted to try the service first? You can try some games on this site. However, there’s only RTP (Return-To-Player) or better known as slot games. The games are provided by Spadegaming, TTG, Playtech, Microgaming, and GameSOS.

OnlineslotQQ288 also offer several promotions for their members:

  • Welcome Cashback 100%

This bonus is specifically targeted for new members. Only works on slot games, this promo offers maximum bonus 30 MYR with only one target turnover. In other words, just by winning on slot once you will get 100% cashback.

  • Welcome Bonus 10%

This promo also only works on a slot game. However, the maximum bonus goes as high as 1500 MYR with only four target turnover. After meeting the quota, bettors will have their deposit and bonus multiplied by four.

Go ahead and try out our recommendation of best online gambling bonuses with exciting features. Surely, no bettor will be left disappointed by playing with them. Not only great bonus and features, you will find many advantages that not many other casinos can offer. Just note this: be careful not to get addicted!