4 Winning Strategies in 3 Pictures Casino Game

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Three Pictures (or better known as Royal Three Pictures) is a single-deck card game that requires bettors to find the royal cards. Different than any other table games, three pictures game is a fresh twist among table game variation. Get to know 4 winning strategies in 3 pictures casino game below.

4 Winning Strategies in 3 Pictures Casino Game

  • Look for The Biggest Value

In exception of the picture cards (which have zero value), the other cards have value rules just like Baccarat. Therefore, it will be better if we look for more value than more picture cards. Sure, picture card combinations have big payouts. Sadly, the chance to get picture cards (especially one kind on a hand) is actually really thin. And the higher the payout, the chance for them to appear is even rarer. Therefore, instead of hoping for them to appear, it is more realistic to make do with what you got.

4 Winning Strategies in 3 Pictures Casino Game

4 Winning Strategies in 3 Pictures Casino Game

  • Count The Cards

Since this game only uses a single deck, it’s really easy to count the cards. But you count them simply because it’s easy to do. Actually, we should count to make sure the round is not void. If there are too many or too little cards on the deck, the possible rate also changes. Besides, based on the game rule, around with defect deck is counted as void. It’s not supposed to be played, to begin with, and the whole system will be rigged if they happen to get played. Better avoid a useless round before it starts at all, right?

  • Don’t Overlook Number Card Combinations

It’s obvious that picture card combination has the biggest payout possible, considering they are the highlight of the game. However, don’t overlook number card combinations. They are more likely to happen, and nailing them will create a bigger profit in the long run. For example, getting a Flush (different number cards coming from the same suite) will pay 3:1. Not enough? There are Straight (consecutive numbers in a different suite) that pays 6:1. Of course, there are also big bets like Straight Flush (consecutive numbers in the same suite, pays 40:1) and Three of a Kind (same value from different suites, pays 30:1).

  • Bet Safely

Value, combination, and void rounds aside – the best move to keep on winning in royal three picture is to bet on safe choices. This means, betting on a win or lose will have bigger chances to profit more than any other bet choices. The logic is simple; the choice has half and half chance to win. It means that they have the highest winning rate since it’s as simple as a single coin flip. Even though the payout ratio is just as small as 1:1, they will grant stable profit and hence more advantage.

Since bettors go against the dealer and other players, this game is considered almost as complicated as Poker. However, our 4 winning strategies in 3 pictures casino game will surely go through all difficulties you will face in the game. Just make sure to follow them carefully for the best luck.